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I was selling paraffin in Makindu and Kiboko market centers before I joined K-Rep Bank. When I joined K-Rep, I was able to diversify my business. Today, I am a sole Kenyan dealer of Skygo brand of motorbikes from China. I am on the road to becoming wealthy because my business has expanded  so much and K-Rep has been a partner all the way. I am now comfortably educating my children and living a relatively stress free life. K-Rep Bank is indeed a different Kind of Bank.

-Stephen Ngei Musyoka, K-Rep Bank customer

K-Rep Bank has improved lifes of many people. I can attest to this because before I became a customer  I used to sell second hand clothes from a small stall. Today I can pride of having one of the largest boutiques in town and 2 plots which I will be putting up permanent houses soon. I have also learnt how to manage time and money.  Thanks to K-Rep Bank.

- Anne Njeru Wathumbi, K-Rep Bank customer







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