Group Loans

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K-Rep’s micro credit portfolio consists of three types of group loans:-

At K-Rep Bank we have various group lending mechanisms

Group lending
These are all categories of our different groups where an individual borrows in the group by use of co-guarantee mechanism and other appropriate securities accepted by the bank


Chama Biashara
K-Rep Bank encourages groups of 5-10 individuals to come together and form a group thus they will be able to borrow. The group can be registered or unregistered.

These are registered or unregistered investment clubs who come together to borrow for the sole purpose of investing. We as a bank recognize the need for investing especially in groups thus are keen to tap into these groups.

Individual Micro Finance (IMF)

This is for individuals engaged in business and are not willing to join the group system. Individuals can borrow with securities accepted by the bank. This is a secured individual borrowing.


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