Personal & Consumer Loans

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This is a loan facility offered to salaried employees of various corporate entities. 
Terms & Conditions

  • The employee should fill in a formal application
  • The employee should provide an irrevocable letter of instruction to his/her employer to remit a total monthly credit amount to his K-Rep Bank account.
  • The employee should have an account with K-Rep Bank through which repayment shall be channeled by the employer every month.This account could be used for other savings which will not be tied to the loan.
  • The employee should provide a letter from his employer confirming that the funds requested will be transferred to his/her account in K-Rep Bank every month.


  • The employee will be able to roll over the loan when they have repaid it halfway.
  • The employee has an option of off-setting the balance outstanding against the savings mobilized so long as the loan balance amount outstanding is equal or higher than the savings amount held.
  • The employee can prepay the loan without penalty charge levy.


  • 2 coloured passport size photos
  • Copy of ID card
  • KShs 1,000.00 (Savings account)
  • KShs 2,000.00 (Current account)

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