Top 10 Reasons Why I Switched to RoboForex

RoboForex came in as a blessing when I was almost giving up on Forex trading and thinking about switching to something else. I suffered huge losses with my previous brokerage firm because of frequent server breakdowns and poor response time from their customer support team. The final straw was when I had to wait for more than 4 hours for a response from their support team after submitting an urgent ticket about the anomalies in the trade. At that moment, all I could think of was switching to another broker who paid attention to their customers and offered them the best services at all times. Thanks to my friend Akshaya, who also traded via and recommended it as the best online brokerage firm he had ever dealt with.

Fast and Responsive Customer Support

Although this doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the trading platform, the speed and accuracy of the customer support team are something that can make a difference in a trader’s experience. The RoboForex support team is swift and responsive, and they are available 24/5 via Live Chat, Email, and Telephone. RoboForex has a support team with representatives from various countries, ensuring that you get assistance in your preferred language. The representatives are also very knowledgeable and can help you solve any problems you might face with the platform. They are so efficient that they have set a record by solving the highest number of customer queries (over 2500) in a single day! The representatives also have a special support team for people who have just started trading via RoboForex. This team makes sure that new traders can use all the tools and functions on the platform and are comfortable with them before beginning trading.

Excellent Platforms and Tools

RoboForex offers traders a variety of trading tools and platforms, which can be used on the web and mobile devices. This can be extremely handy if you are a trader who is always on the move. Their mobile apps for Android and iOS are among the best in the industry. They provide complete feature compatibility and include all the necessary tools that you would need to spot trading opportunities and execute trades. RoboForex Trading Platform has been designed by keeping traders’ needs and requirements in mind. It comes with a beautiful and intuitive interface that makes trading more straightforward and faster. The platform also includes a complete set of technical indicators, charting tools, and other features to help you make better investment decisions. The Trading Terminal is an advanced trading platform available only to RoboForex’s most advanced traders. It comes with a host of additional features to help you make better trading decisions. It can be an excellent choice for advanced and professional traders.

Advanced Security Infrastructure

The security of your funds is of utmost importance for any brokerage firm. RoboForex has one of the industry’s most advanced and robust security infrastructures. It is certified with the PCI DSS Standard and SELibility. These two certifications are the highest level of security available in the financial services industry. RoboForex has also been audited by an independent firm and found to comply with the regulatory requirements. Every financial transaction at the brokerage firm goes through SSL encryption, which is secure and unbreakable. In addition to the SSL encryption, RoboForex has implemented several other security measures to keep your funds and personal information safe and secure. All the fund transfers between their accounts and your trading account are automated. So, there is no chance of a human error causing any discrepancy or loss of funds.

No Requirement for a Dealing Desk

The dealing desk is a department that acts as a counterparty to every order that traders place on their trading platform. Traders who use a dealing-desk broker receive fills for their orders from the dealing desk instead of directly from the liquidity providers. A dealing desk broker must keep a certain amount of funds in their account to act as the counterparty. This is why they impose restrictions on their traders and require them to hold a particular amount of money in their trading account at any given time. This can be a big annoyance for frequent traders whose account balance keeps getting consumed and has to be replenished repeatedly. RoboForex is a non-dealing desk (NDD) broker. This means that they don’t provide any liquidity to their customers, but they use third-party liquidity providers as all other brokers do. RoboForex has an arrangement with several top-notch liquidity providers, which provides you with a broader range of trading options and lets you choose the one that best suits your needs. It should be noted that the liquidity providers with whom RoboForex has an arrangement charge a small fee for executing your orders and making them part of their order book. However, this is something that you need to accept if you want to trade via an NDD broker.

Promotion through Welcome Bonuses

New traders can receive a welcome bonus of up to $1000 on their first deposit. The bonus amount depends on the deposit amount: $1000 for a $5000 deposit and $500 for a $1000 deposit. RoboForex’s welcome bonus offer is among the best in the industry and can significantly help traders increase their account balance on their first deposit. This is an excellent incentive for new traders and can help them get started with their trading journey in the right way.


There are several reasons why RoboForex is among the most popular online Forex trading destinations for both newbies and experienced traders. The broker has an excellent and robust trading platform, advanced security and regulatory compliance, no requirement for a dealing desk, and several attractive welcome bonuses. The customer support team is speedy and responsive and can be reached via Live Chat, Email, and Telephone. If you are looking for a new brokerage firm to trade with, you should consider RoboForex.