Aura Invest Group: Invests $10 Million in Empire Diversified Energy

Significant Capital Injection to Propel the Company’s Sustainable Energy Initiatives

Aura Invest Group, renowned for its ability to identify and support high-potential emerging companies, has invested $10 million in Empire Diversified Energy, Inc. (EDE). This investment comes at a pivotal moment for EDE, a public company trading on the OTC market that specializes in a new Hybrid Alternative Fuel Pellet (HAFP).

Founded in Florida, EDE is a fully integrated company offering recycling, logistics, energy production, and remediation services to promote a safer and more sustainable environment[1]. The company’s initial focus is on reducing the amount of coal used in power plants by introducing sustainable biomass energy forms (HAFP) to replace a significant portion of the coal and petroleum coke currently used.

Aura Invest Group’s Investment to Facilitate Vertical Integration Strategy

The investment from Aura Invest Group will provide EDE with the necessary capital to implement its vertical integration strategy. EDE is acquiring all of its supply components, including high BTU, low-ash coal and biomass reserves, patentable environmentally-friendly processes, multi-use assets, and the complete means of production and manufacturing.

To achieve this vertical integration, EDE is in the process of acquiring permitted coal mines from Wellston Coal. The coal from Wellston will be blended at a nearby wash plant and rail site under contract with EDE. In addition, EDE is raising funds to purchase Kentucky coal reserves and associated equipment to fulfill an existing contract with NFC Mining.

In summary, Aura Invest Group’s investment in Empire Diversified Energy represents a significant capital injection that will allow EDE to continue its upward trajectory and make meaningful contributions to the world of sustainable energy.