Credit Card

Credit Card: A Must-Have For One And All In Today’s Times

The significance of commercial credit cards should be considered. It is a nifty tool that can evolve how you pay and lets you start your journey to financial freedom. Using a credit card can be quite rewarding if you follow proper discipline and diligence.

Unlike the most common opinion, credit cards are not at all bad for your finances inherently. Utilizing a credit card in a very systematic way can guide you in boosting your financial situation and also aid in GST payment. Still, contemplating the need to own a credit card? Read on.

Credit cards have many benefits and rewards when utilized daily. Such bonuses are generally in the form of reward points or cashback, which depends on your card type. For instance, you can save a lot using travel-based credit cards by redeeming the gathered facts.

Sometimes, it can be quite budget-friendly when first receiving a credit card since you might get a welcome bonus. Such bonuses include free event tickets, flights, movies, discount vouchers, and gifts.

All credit cards have an interest-free period that varies from 22 days to 52 days, which lets you utilize the card to buy products and avail services – and make payment for the same later.

Few credit cards also come with insurance coverage. Varying according to the card, you might be eligible to buy insurance as a source of safety and security, personal safety insurance or even for facilitating card to account transfer.

Most credit cards immediately enable you to apply for a small loan in exchange for the set credit limit. It can help you greatly when you need funds to meet any contingency. And the best part? The procedure is very systematic and normally takes just a few minutes.

When you apply for a loan, one of the key factors that banks and financial institutions look for is your credit history and credit score, and those who have maintained a decent credit record and a good score have higher chances of getting greater favorable loan terms. A credit card serves as a medium for developing a solid credit history and boosting your credit score.

The transactions you conduct with the help of a credit card which includes purchases and repayments are reported to credit rating organizations, which forms a credit history. The timely repayments made over the years contribute to and boost your credit score.

Credit cards also assist you with managing your finances and building wealth in the long term and also helps you in making GST challan payment. By assessing your credit card statement regularly, you can track expenses and curb your spending accordingly.

In case you are a frequent traveler, then it is recommended that you own a credit card for yourself right away. One of the many pros of credit cards includes their virtual usage anywhere, anytime to facilitate payments. It immediately removes the need to convert cash every single time you travel.


By now, you might have understood why credit cards are so important. So, if you do not already have one, now might be the correct time to apply. Also, before you proceed with your credit card application, you can compare various cards with each other, which will let you select the one that caters to your preferences in the best possible way.