Hard Money Loan Advantages for Maryland Real Estate Investors


It provides immense benefits not usually offered by large banks and lending institutions. Some of the benefits include:

  • Minimum Conditions: A borrower must meet a limited number of criteria in order to obtain a traditional loan. However, banks have many requirements that must be met. These could include credit history and income history. The whole process can take a long time and may end up costing the borrower their approval. These loans are, however, very straightforward and easy to obtain. The likelihood of the investor being approved is high if the hard money lender believes that the borrower’s targeted real estate investment is excellent and that there is at least 20% equity available to invest in the deal.
  • The approval process for quick loans is much quicker than traditional banks. Traditional banks can take between 3-4 weeks. Most cases can be approved and funded within one week, provided that all required documents are received in a timely fashion. Because of the small list of required documents, and the fact that the lender’s company is smaller than banks, hard money lenders in Maryland are able to approve loans quickly.
  • Credit History and Leniency: This will also apply to your credit history. Credit history is one of the most important factors that financial institutions will review when you apply for loans. A borrower who doesn’t meet the requirements of a bank’s “credit box” will have a lower chance of being approved for a loan. Credit history is not as important as the asset’s worth and the borrower’s equity. Hard money lenders consider credit history irrelevant. The lender will give you a chance to obtain the loan if both of your credit histories meet his expectations.
  • The absence of prepayment penalties is another significant advantage. Large financial institutions in Maryland will most likely charge you a prepayment penalty for taking out a loan. This applies if the loan is not paid off by the due date. These fees can be avoided if you choose to borrow hard money. It’s not difficult to find hard money lenders willing to lend money to you without the need to pay prepayment penalties.

You may find it easier to apply if you have real estate investments in any part of Maryland. Many Hard Money Loan Maryland lenders will be willing to provide them. But before you jump to applying for all lenders, make sure that you do your research so that you can find the right lender. The parameters may include the past customer reviews, the experience, how fast they can close, if they need many documents, etc.

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