Know all about Order block trading strategy

Order block is a market behaviour involving collecting orders from various financial institutions and banks. Well-known financial institutions and central banks are driving the forex market.

As the market builds a block of orders, it functions as the range where most investment decisions occur. Once order creation is complete, the market takes a sharp step toward the top and down.

A key concept of an order block trading strategy encompasses what the institution’s traders are doing because they are the primary price driver. Any strategy that goes into the institutional trading can.

How does it work?

Order blocks are entered by an unusual frame or delivered by an intermediary. And parts give an average value for each part, a weighted value of the maximum number of kills needed to send the order.

The party to buy or sell has an order to place an order or instruct the delegation to process the order. This is even though multiple orders may affect the value of the security!

Typically, an order block client cannot obtain the required number of parts, such as the price they need.

Different types of order block

An order block consists of a predetermined quantity and price for a certain number of hours in one day. Four types of order blocks are described in the Nord Pool markets:

  1. Regularly
  2. Giprofile
  3. Prevent
  4. Connected

An order block is handy, for example, when a member has to operate a power plant for more than an hour and wants limited charges to be started and stopped.

How can you trade with the order block indicator?

Order blocks are levels selected by institutions and large companies as critical levels. These blocks will most likely become zones later. Therefore, we use these blocks to open buy and sell orders.

1.    Open the buying order.

If a bull sequence block is created on the map, the indicator uses open and empty candles to draw a zone at that level. Then place a purchase order 2-3 pips above the zone and a stop loss below.

2.    Open the selling order

If the indicator draws a bear zone, place the pending sell order below and the stop loss above the zone. One major disadvantage of this indicator is that it won’t tell us about the income amount.

So it is best to use other technical indicators such as Fibonacci to project the TP level.

Order block indicator settings

You can also adjust the number of candlesticks in the series on the setting indicator panel. The default value is 5.

For example, if five or more bull candlesticks are created in a row after a bear candle, this will mean a bullring zone. You can add different settings to how this indicator works.

Final thoughts

The order block is a form of price action and is reflected in the footsteps of market makers. Therefore, if you want to be a successful marketing entrepreneur, you must use the approach of market makers.

You can devise their methods using pricing methods, such as order blocks. The supply and demand market is also associated with the order block.

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