Some $*&%! Stole My Identity to gather Unemployment Benefits

I’m Lonnie, and i am a target of id thievery.

So check this out. An affiliate of mine authored a Facebook publish precisely someone stole his daughter’s Ssn and declared unemployment benefits with Washington State’s Employment Security Division (ESD). Getting never happened for me, I chose to visit ESD and continue to file an unemployment claim. Once I grew to become part of the data I received the next message:

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The Ssn (SSN) you grew to become part of already exists that is connected using this partially hidden email: *****

WHAT??!!??!? I haven’t filed an unemployment claim within my entire existence, i certainly haven’t used emails at Who the #$%^%! is niagra?

Someone stated further and saw the next message:

If you feel you may be a target of unemployment imposter fraud – when crooks unlawfully sign up for unemployment benefits using someone else’s personal and employment information – report it! Make use of the form across the Employment Security Department (ESD) website. Then wait to listen to from ESD.

I really could not accept it. I had been the very first time within my existence a target of id thievery. And it also wasn’t while using classical path to charge card or banking fraud it had been through unemployment benefits fraud.

Once I navigated the what now ? concerning this path, I many userful stuff here regarding the prevalence of id thievery and how uncovered I had been. Experian, among the three credit rating companies, printed some eye-popping statistics (by simply 2017).

Know your credit card better: 11 hidden charges that you are never told  about | Business Insider India

158 million Social Security figures uncovered in data breaches

14.two million charge card figures uncovered

$905 million generally fraud losses

13,852 id thievery complaints affecting teenagers and kids

60,000 complaints of mail thievery

883,000 confirmed id thievery tax statements

27% of understanding breaches were medical or healthcare related

Id thievery is real. Unhealthy guys are clever and just concern yourself with getting your hard earned dollars. The discomfort, frustration, and fear they leave in their wake means absolutely nothing to them. If you feel it cannot occur then you are surviving in the cage.

Because of my experience, I chose to compile everything Used to to judge for fraud activity along with the steps I desired after i discovered unemployment benefits fraud happened. Hopefully they are useful to suit your needs too.

Review your credit history at for rogue accounts. This can be done free of charge yearly. You shouldn’t be lulled in a false feeling of security if everything looks good. Such things as unemployment benefits do not show around the report. You need to do more digging.

Determine if someone provides your SSN to produce an unemployment claim. Within the healthiness of Washington visit ESD Secure Access Washington and continue with the directions to create a Secure Access Washington account. This is why I stumbled upon someone filed unemployment benefits using my name and SSN.

Request a Social Security Account Statement for virtually any benefit claims upon your SSN.

Request an IRS Transcript for your tax filing history.

Determine whether your very own information was incorporated within the Equifax breach which happened between May which summer time duration of 2017 that uncovered the non-public information of 140 million Americans. My SSN was among the 140 million.

If there is been fraudulent activity, make next steps:

Visit Ftc website The website walks you thru steps to consider based on your conditions.

File a fraud report together with your condition. In Washington you file with ESD.

File a police report together with your local police department.

File an IRS Id Thievery Affidavit.

File an Equifax Fraud Alert. This permits charge card companies know you are a target of id thievery. Based on Equifax this puts additional checks in position to consider fraudulent activity. In addition they inform Experian and Transunion within the thievery. I am unable to talk to whether it’s effective right now but feel it could not hurt to get it done.

When the thievery was medical-related, file any adverse health-privacy complaint while using the US Department of Health & Human Services.