Two of the top Mastercard’s in Canada:

Introduction –

MasterCard is important if you are searching for near-universal acceptance. MasterCard is one of the top and best credit card companies in the world. It is also very popular, and one of the best things that you will know is that it is widely accepted. The main Canadian bank, like BMO (bank of Montreal), the Mastercard is associated with them and these cards gives offer on all the perks including the double dip on rewards and also there are loyalty programs too. If you are a shopper at Costco, then you will know that it is the only credit card brand that is accepted in their shops. So, whether you are looking to travel, earn points or cash, or keep your rate of interest down, there can be nothing better than a Mastercard.

Here is the list of best Mastercard Canada and some good offers which it has.

  1. Money-Back MasterCard—Tangerine

This card comes in the category of “best for cash back with bonus.” In this Mastercard, you can get 2% cashback on all the purchases including 3 spending categories, which comprises of grocery, gas & travel, home improvement (it is 0.5% on everything else). There can be no Mastercard that can give so much of bonuses in your wallet and cash back, as the Tangerine Money Back Card. You can choose any two categories in which you want to get 2% cash back. Plus, when you set up an automatic deposit of rewards into the savings account at Tangerine, you will get the cash back in the 3rd category. It has no annual fee, and you will also get a 3-month bonus of 4% cash back in 3 categories, which is for new members, and an income requirement that is low.

The annual fee of this Mastercard is $0; interest rates are 19.95%; there are cash advances of 19.95%; and the balance transfer is 19.95%. Here you can also get a welcome bonus. You can get 15% cash back (i.e., up to $150) when you spend $1,000 on daily purchases within 2 months after getting your new card. You can also transfer your balance from another credit card to get a low interest rate of 1.95% for the first six months, in which case a 1% balance transfer fee is applicable. You should apply before January 31, 2023. The add-on benefit of this Mastercard is that there is a buying assurance, which covers damage, theft, and loss for 90 days after the purchase. Also, there is extended warranty of 1 year. The income requirement for this Mastercard is $12,000.

  1. Rogers World Elite MasterCard

It is one of the best cash-back cards that you can ever have. It comes with an unlimited 1.5% cash back, and earn rate on all buying. Plus, you also get 3% on all the buying in the US currency. Many of the Mastercard will charge a 2.5% as a foreign transaction fee, so for the frequent travellers to the US, the savings can be added up. It also applies to cross-border and online shoppers. There are no limitations on the amount of cash that you can earn, and there are no annual fees either. In this card, the interest rate purchases are 22.99%, then there is cash advance of 19.99% and balance transfer of 22.99%.

You can also get a welcome bonus, i.e., $25, when you make your first purchase within your first three months. Plus, you can now get 3% on buying in other currency. and 1.5% on all other purchases that are eligible. Some of the add-on benefits are that you get rental car collision and damage coverage, trip cancellation and interruption protection, and emergency medical insurance. Here for this card, the individual should have income requirement of $80,000 and $150,000 household.