What Foundations Have Helped With Financial Assistance?

Several foundations and organizations provide financial assistance to individuals and communities in need. These foundations may offer grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial support. Here are a few foundations that have helped with financial assistance:

  1. **The United Way:** The United Way supports community-based initiatives that provide financial assistance, educational opportunities, and health services to those in need.
  1. **The Robin Hood Foundation:** This organization focuses on fighting poverty in New York City by providing financial assistance to various programs and initiatives.
  1. **The Emergency Assistance Foundation:** This foundation offers financial assistance to employees in times of crisis and provides grants for urgent needs.
  1. **The One Family Foundation:** The One Family Foundation supports individuals and families facing financial crises and provides assistance to help them achieve self-sufficiency.
  1. **The National Student Clearinghouse:** This organization offers scholarships and resources to students pursuing higher education.
  1. **The Angel Flight Foundation:** Angel Flight provides free air transportation to people in need of medical treatment far from home and other financial assistance programs.
  1. **The Salvation Army:** The Salvation Army offers various forms of financial assistance, including help with utilities, rent, and emergency shelter.
  1. **The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation:** This foundation supports high-achieving students with financial need by providing scholarships for educational opportunities.
  1. **Local and Regional Community Foundations:** Many local and regional foundations offer financial assistance programs to individuals and communities facing financial challenges.
  1. **Faith-Based Organizations:** Various religious and faith-based organizations provide financial assistance to their members and communities in need.

These foundations and organizations play a critical role in providing financial support to individuals and communities facing economic hardship, crises, and challenges. The types of assistance offered may include scholarships, grants, emergency relief, and support for education, healthcare, and housing. Eligibility criteria and application processes can vary, so individuals seeking financial assistance should research specific programs and organizations to determine their eligibility and apply for the support they need. Check out www.thegrantportal.com for grant sources.