3 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

Customer service plays a vital role in helping a business grow. The quality of customer service will vary among companies and industries. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for handling your customers. You will need to adjust your customer service depending on the type of product or service you are selling. Business organizations often fail to meet customer expectations. However, Spectrum servicio al cliente will never disappoint you as a customer.

Customers tolerate some service blunders more than others. Bad customer service practices are much more common than we may think. Here are some of the more common practices to avoid if you wish to retain your customers.

Not Managing Social Media Interactions Effectively

Social media has now been widely used for at least the past 10 years. However, it is constantly evolving so companies have still not been able to master social media management. Customers on the other side, are constantly making new trends on social media. They have been demanding more from businesses than ever before.

Many companies fail to keep up with customer service demands concerning social media. They often provide indifferent responses to client feedback. They consistently avoid addressing negative comments and posts.

Once a user asked T-Mobile Austria on its Twitter account if customer service employees could view customer passwords. T-Mobile replied with a “yes”. They then explained in detail how they store passwords on their system. While some may appreciate their transparency in revealing their procedures, it created a big security issue for T-Mobile subscribers. The company was then compelled to change its customer privacy policies.

Companies not having a concrete social media strategy will tend to suffer from such publicity crises. They need to have a comprehensive social media policy and have backup plans in place for any mishaps. Customer service employees need to act sharp. They need to respond to client feedback as soon as it appears on social media.

Not Taking Customer Feedback Seriously

Social media has allowed customers to be connected to brands round-the-clock. They can offer their feedback on various available social media channels. Customers know companies are being made aware of their complaints. Therefore, customers will feel insulted if these complaints are ignored. Indifference towards customer complaints will reflect poorly on the company. It will indicate that the company doesn’t care about customers, their feedback and contribution to the business.

A lot of airlines are notorious for poor management of customer feedback. A British Airways passenger once tweeted about losing luggage. The social media team of the airline responded after eight hours. They explained they couldn’t respond earlier because their Twitter feed runs from 9 am to 5 pm GMT. In an age where 24/7 response is the norm, the passenger was naturally quite displeased. The Twitter thread got viral and led to a considerable reputational loss for British Airways.

This is a good example of why a quick response time is so important in these times. Customers can reveal their poor experiences to the entire world in a jiffy. A slow response can potentially cause a company to lose millions in revenue. Disgruntled customers are more likely to get satisfied if your social media team displays a more proactive approach toward conflict resolution.

Prioritizing Company Policy Over Demands of Your Customers

Once a company starts growing, it needs to start formalizing its internal structure. This helps in managing their operations. Corporate policies are introduced to help in providing a consistent customer experience. However, these policies may sometimes hinder customer satisfaction.

Large retail store chains often have different prices for the same product at their physical locations and on their online stores. Customers shopping at a physical store often request to match the lower price being offered on the online store. The physical store employees typically deny such requests citing company policy.

Companies often waste such opportunities to provide exemplary customer service. Denying such requests leaves the customer extremely disappointed. The customer may also write about such experiences on social media. If the post goes viral, the company may lose business from other regular customers as well. It will also discourage new customers from coming to your store. Customers want their needs to be fulfilled. They do not care much about company policy. Sometimes you have to ignore company policy to retain customer loyalty.

Summing Up

It is not easy to achieve perfection.As a business owner, you are going to commit the occasional mistake or two. There will be times when your customers will feel disgruntled. It is important to know how to diffuse situations where your customers have been left unhappy. All clients want to be given special treatment by customer support employees. Dial telefono de Spectrum to ensure you get the special treatment that you deserve.