Everything That You Want to Know About the Free File and the Free Federal Tax Return

Introduction –

One of the things that you should know about IRS is that there is an IRS Free File which is available, where you can prepare electronically and file your federal individual income tax returns for free. You can use the tax preparation and filing software, IRS Free File. Another thing, that you should know about the IRS Free File is that it permits you to file your income tax federal online, using the guided tax groundwork at the partner site of IRS or Free File Fillable Forms. It is one of the safest methods with no cost to the filer, i.e., you, for a federal return. To get a free federal tax return, you should choose an IRS Free File provider from the browse all offers page on the tool results page.

IRS Free File Defined

After you have clicked on the desired IRS free file provider, you will come out of the IRS.gov website, and it will take you to the IRS free file provider’s website. Then, you should make an account at the IRS file provider site, accessed through IRS.gov, to make and file your return. Besides all of that, many people are there who want to know, “What is an IRS Free File?” The free file program by IRS is a partnership (i.e., public-private) between the IRS and several tax preparation software and filing software industry firms who offer their online tax groundwork and also filing for free. It offers two ways for the taxpayers to do the calculations and prepare and file their federal income tax for free on the web.

Free Federal Tax Return:

Tax preparation, which is guided, offers free online tax preparation and filing at the partner site of the IRS. The partners would then provide the services at no cost to the taxpayer who is qualified. Besides that, the tax payer whose annual GI is $73,000 or less they qualify for the free federal tax return. You also get the electronic federal tax forms that are free file fillable forms, which is equal to 1040 form. In this, you should know how to make your own tax return or calculations, using form instructions and publication of IRS if needed. It offers a free option or choice to the tax payers whose income is greater than $73,000.

Advantages of the Free File Program for People or Taxpayers

The first advantage is that you can get a free federal tax return. If you are a greenhorn using the free file, you should choose a free file firm’s free file offer that is based on the review of offer qualifications that is listed on IRS.gov. If you select a program and you get qualified, then you will not be charged for the preparation and the electronic filing of the federal tax return. If you had used the IRS free file in the previous year, then you shall get an email from the similar company that you had used, where they welcome you back to their official IRS free file services. The email should be the one that includes a link to the firm’s IRS free file site with an explanation of how to file it. If you select the email link, you will not be charged for the making and e-filing of the federal tax return. Other add on benefits comprises of the following like –

  • The charges to file your federal return are prohibited.
  • The products of the banks with fees are not part of the free file.
  • You can get the free state returns that are available.
  • Every free-file firm will guarantee the accuracy and appropriateness of the return calculations.