Importance Of Investing In Technology Stocks In India 

SEBI was established in 1988 and got its statutory power in 1992. It is the regulator of India’s stock market and provides a platform for traders and investors through a stock broking app to trade efficiently. Companies can also raise huge capital through this platform. It always tries to provide accurate information and protect investors’ interests to curb fraudulent activities in the stock market. In addition, SEBI is responsible for establishing a code of conduct for traders, brokers, and intermediaries to invest in online stocks.

We all know that Sensex is the flagship index of the Bombay Stock Exchange and is the collection of the thirty biggest, most well-established, and financially sound companies. These companies have the most active market trading stocks listed on BSE. Nifty 50 is the collection of the fifty largest and most active stocks on the National Stock Exchange. This index represents the weighted average of the 50 largest Indian companies listed on the NSE and helps investors to gauge the overall market sentiments.

What Are The Best Technology Stocks At Present?

We know technology companies are the most valuable, and most perform very well in the global market. So now, we will talk about the most dominant and impressive tech stocks investors should seriously consider in 2022.

  1. Amazon is a leading eCommerce platform in the whole world. They are also a renowned cloud computing infrastructure platform. Founder Jeff Bezos is ready to open a new platform for this dominant tech company very soon.
  1. Microsoft is another major global player in the technology industry. This well-known software company is dominant in the market because of its Windows PC operating system and Office productivity software. After Amazon, this is the second largest cloud computing service provider.
  1. Intel is one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the whole world. This global company mainly designs and manufactures CPUs for personal computers and servers. Intel is also manufacturing specialty chips that are useful for artificial intelligence.
  1. Apple is the manufacturer of iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. It plays a vital role in technology trading India because of its intense loyal and growing services. In 2022, they will also beat other global phone manufacturing companies.
  1. Netflix is famous for providing excellent video streaming services; every year, they spend billions of dollars on quality content. As a result, their subscriber base is continuously increasing nowadays.
  1. Facebook is one of the largest social media companies and is a significant player in the digital world. They have more than 2 billion daily active users by combining Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.
  1. Alphabet is Google’s parent company, and they develop the Android operating system for smartphones. 

Finally, we need to analyze the technology stocks before trading online using different parameters available on a trading app. Calculating the price-to-earnings ratio is a crucial metric for knowing the profit level. This ratio will not work for unprofitable tech companies. In that case, we need to calculate their revenue growth so that a tech company can perform well when it grows. 

According to renowned portfolio advisors, these new-age tech stocks can affect retail investors. Though investing in tech stocks can be risky, investing in an exchange-traded fund focused on tech stocks is an excellent option to avoid severe financial losses.