Naked Trader: What It Means And How To Earn Money?

Naked trading or price action trading is when the traders assess and predict the market futures based on real-time price changes without assistance from the technical indicators. Are you ready to become a naked trader? The Naked Trader – Can One Really Make Money Trading Shares?

What does a naked trader do?

The book of trading strategies of the Naked Trader has proven ways to make money investing in the stock market. The Jacket Text is a book teaching you to become your boss of investing in trading. You can spend days doing what you like and get paid 10x as much as you sit in front of the laptop for someone who doesn’t care about you. There is no doubt that being a financial trader is another best way to achieve this, like Robbie Burns.

Robbie Burns is an experienced Naked Trader who became successful in naked trading. There are a lot of trades recorded by Burns, trading stocks and shares. Burns recorded many of his trades and steadily built up effective trading strategies, which were the ideas that made money. Without technical nonsense, there are no complicated equations or weird theories; use common sense and logic.

How does a naked trader make money?

In the revealing new book, Robbie Burns, as the top trader, cuts the jargon to give the lowdown on the strategies needed to make money from share dealing. Robbie Burns, the Naked Trader released a book about the highly entertaining guide that baffles the world of the stock market.

Why is it called a naked trader?

Naked Trader is used to refer to a person who engaged in trading without using complex financial instruments, such as:

  1. Options
  2. Futures

A naked trader buys and sells stocks or some securities without using advanced hedging derivatives or strategies. There are key practices associated with naked trading, namely:

  • Stock trading. The naked traders mainly focus on buying and selling stocks in the equity markets. To make trading decisions, you can use the following factors:
    • Technical analysis
    • Chart patterns
  • Simplicity. Naked trading highlights simplicity and specific strategies. Naked traders follow this approach to avoid using complicated financial derivatives. They stick to the basic buy-and-sell transactions.
  • Risk management. While naked trading is simpler, effective risk management remains important. Traders still need to evaluate and manage the risks associated with their stock positions, including setting stop-loss orders to limit potential losses.
  • Long-Term investing. Some naked traders adopt a long-term investment strategy, holding onto stocks for an extended period rather than engaging in frequent short-term trading.

Regardless of the specific strategy, all traders, including naked traders, should conduct thorough research and stay informed about market conditions. These traders have a well-defined risk management plan to navigate the complexities of financial markets.