NISM Study Material – The Intricate Value of NISM Certification

The Securities and Exchange Board of India or SEBI established the NISM or National Institute of Securities Markets in Mumbai. The main goal is to encourage research and study in the field of the security market and stock exchange. Thanks to NISM Study Material, you get to pass the certification exam. It is focused on generating awareness about the stock market among all the stockbrokers, trading members and clearing members.

Get on with the examination structure:

The NISM course will include the basics revolving around the securities market, trade life cycle and knowledge competencies. It involves knowledge of the functioning of the front office, middle office and back office areas in the broking firms.

  • The certification exam can always be scheduled as per the date and test centre. 
  • The examination consists of 100 questions that you have to answer within a span of 2 hours.
  • For every question you get wrong, there will be a 25% mark deduction.
  • It is mandatory for a candidate to score a minimum of 50% in the exam to pass.

With the help of NISM equity derivatives study material, you will get to know more about the topics in detail. It is often recommended to go through all the possible options and spend hours of hard work to pass the exam with flying colours.

Validity of the NISM certificate:

The NISM certificate comes with a limited validity period of 3 years, as defined by SEBI. When the certificates are about to expire, the candidate needs to revalidate them. They can either clear the NISM certification exam before the certificate expires or can go for the one-day CPE program, which is Continuing Professional Education from NISM.

There are different course modules and the study materials are subject to differ accordingly. You have the NISM Mutual Fund Mock Test to cover the Mutual Fund sector. And then you have Research Analyst course modules as well. The other two options available are Currency Derivatives and Commodity Derivatives study materials.

  • Get a clearer understanding of the risk management strategies:

With the help of the NISM course, you will get detailed information on stock and security markets. Here, you will learn ways to estimate and then handle risks that form a major part of the security market. It helps in handling the investor complaints rather well.

  • Knowledge of the Indian Securities Market:

The field of the stock market is well layered and you need better clarity for understanding. The certification course will introduce you well to the market. You will also learn about the legalities of the same area. In the end, you will be able to make informed decisions within the available resources. 

  • Enjoy attractive remuneration:

NISM certification will not just provide you with the knowledge you need in the stock market but will come in handy with hefty rewards. There are multiple firms out there, ready to present huge packages to people with NISM certification. So, that’s a great way to kick start your career in the commerce and finance sector.