Texting Etiquette: 2022

Communication is continuously enhanced. There are already various social media platforms, SMS, and calling programs, text messaging being the primary tool of mobile contact. These different types of software contributed a big part to the convenience of conveying messages.

Despite all these conveniences, everyone should consider obeying the conduct of behavior. Compliance with this objective is significant because it helps keep everything in order. Lack of etiquette often leads to miscommunication and conflict. Moreover, it is also part of text messaging compliance.

In a business milieu, there is specific acceptable behavior that employees should obey in text messaging. 

Respect the texting boundaries

There are Dos and Don’ts that individuals should follow, such as:

  • Do re-read text messages before sending them.
  • Do not send boundless attachments.
  • Do not text too early or late.
  • Please do not neglect to verify one’s recipient.

Applying these ordinances enables officers to obtain the text’s real meaning. That is why most entrepreneurs require employees to make their messages short, simple, and straight to the point.

Refrain from using phonography

Shorthand writing has been a popular way of text messaging lately. A lot of people do not understand tachygraphy like “gtg,” “lol,” “k,” “OTW,” “SLR,” etc., especially the eldest in the company that is not techy. Texting should not become a “morse code.” It needs to be short; however, one must keep it professional.

In addition to this pointer, text messages do not need to contain every punctuation mark. There is also no strict rule in capitalization. It is not an email or content intended for an infographic or a blog.

The primary objective of text messaging is to convey a frank subject matter without the negligence of keeping it proficient. Employees who do not follow the text messaging etiquette can have their careers in peril, whether it is because of contempt or misapprehension. Multiple companies have an application that monitors SMS communication; hence, every individual should take it seriously.

Continue reading the infographic below to learn more about the texting courtesy this 2022 developed by TeleMessage: